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What'sup?, My name is Afik and i'm from Israel. I'm 21 old, and I'm servant in the Israely Army nearly to three years finished my army services.. I'm one of the Trythis0ne.com Project's Admin, And this is my page. My hobbies are: Hacking & Security, Vxing, Reverse Engineering, Programming, Lockpicking, Origami, Chess, Drawing, Card Tricks, Travelling, Logics and Playing Harmonica. If you want to ask something, to suggest, to complain or just to consult with someone, here is my email: Empty0page<|a|>gmail.com -There are many ways to read 0ne empty page.- [cp77fk4r aka Empty0page aka P1an0w1rE aka 3gG^Dr0pp3r]

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