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Trythis0ne is a free project that offers you to challenge yourself in different subjects,
such as hacking, programming, cracking, reversing and much more

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Q: Are you looking for more challenges?

A: Yes! We are looking for more challenges. If you think you have the right skills for
writing us a challenge, view the Contact Us section for more information on how to do

Q: Is the content in Trythis0ne legal?

A: Of course! Trythis0ne was made for teaching purpose only.
The administrators are not responsible for any damage caused by learning from this site.

Q: How do I start the challenge?

A: To start the challenge you must first register. After you have registered, you have to
login. Choose "Play" from the main menu.

Q: Why can't I pick a challenge other than the reversing challenge?

A: To get access to higher levels you will have to climb your way to the top , by passing levels.

Q: Can i brute force your server?

A: No , you cant brute force our server at all , all the login attempts are logged on our server , if you'll brute force
our server you will be punished hardly.
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