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Trythis0ne is a free project that offers you to challenge yourself in different subjects,
such as Hacking, Programming, Cracking, Reversing and much more

SBD, Calltor, Alias, JonJon, HLL, DETH, PHANTOm, Dekel, l3D, bad, SoCkX, Ze4It, Cerades, zEt0s-, YukimiNihon, Mr~eda, realgam3

Q: Are you looking for more challenges?

A: Yes! We are looking for more challenges. If you think you have the right skills for
writing us a challenge, view the Contact Us section for more information on how to do

Q: Is the content in Trythis0ne legal?

A: Of course! Trythis0ne was made for teaching purpose only.
The administrators are not responsible for any damage caused by learning from this site.

Q: How do I start the challenge?

A: To start the challenge you must first register. After you have registered, you have to
login. Choose "Play" from the main menu.

Q: Why can't I pick a challenge other than the reversing challenge?

A: To get access to higher levels you will have to climb your way to the top , by passing levels.

Q: Can i brute force your server?

A: No , you cant brute force our server at all , all the login attempts are logged on our server , if you'll brute force
our server you will be punished hardly.
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