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PHRACK #66 is Out!

At last!


"Welcome to Phrack, by the community, for the community.

Its with an incredible pleasure that we present you our newly released
issue :

Phrack Magazine #66"

Current issue : #66 | Release date : 11/06/2009 | Editor : The Circle of Lost Hackers
Introduction by TCLH
Phrack Prophile on The PaX Team by TCLH
Phrack World News by TCLH
Abusing the Objective C runtime by nemo
Backdooring Juniper Firewalls by Graeme
Exploiting DLmalloc frees in 2009 by huku
Persistent BIOS infection by aLS and Alfredo
Exploiting UMA : FreeBSD kernel heap exploits by argp and karl
Exploiting TCP Persist Timer Infiniteness by ithilgore
Malloc Des-Maleficarum by blackngel
A Real SMM Rootkit by Core Collapse
Alphanumeric RISC ARM Shellcode by YYounan and PPhilippaerts
Power cell buffer overflow by BSDaemon
Binary Mangling with Radare by pancake
Linux Kernel Heap Tampering Detection by Larry H
Developing MacOs X Rootkits by ghalen and wowie
How close are they of hacking your brain by dahut

Phrack #66

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