j0iZf4g.- Unknown


We just want to say that we update the gallery
and the Shell Board pages.

and btw, there is an easter eggs in our system,
I saw that just six of our users find them, the
users are:


(in this orders)
good w0rk! :)

in this days we will add more eggs in the
system pages.

By:320mb, Date:31/10/2008
Cool, I thought the "eggs" were an answer to a challenge.
By:T4uSBaZ, Date:1/11/2008
lollllll easter eggs? I was freaking trying to solve the level for about like 3 hours and you tell me its an easter egg?!!! CPPP!!!!!! «or any other admin» at least tell me what is these easter eggs :] «and what we get by finding them?» btw can i get a lizard like cp does ? it seems kidna cool :] shabat shalom!
By:T4uSBaZ, Date:1/11/2008
oh these easter eggs :] a very nice egg :] btw people these eggs has nothing to do with the levels :]
By:cp77fk4r, Date:1/11/2008
lol T4uSBaZ :P Maybe in the future we will make a page that include all of the easter egg and all the people that discovered them.
By:zEt0s-, Date:1/11/2008
easter eggs? you mean *EDITED BY CP* ? :0
By:tomer321, Date:1/11/2008
i found a page with a picture of a ? button. is it an easter egg?
By:cp77fk4r, Date:2/11/2008
zEt0s - yeah! but you need to log to the system first. tomer321- yeah, its the page. in the next days we will add more of them in the system.
By:320mb, Date:5/11/2008
I found this an EGG also?? Real housewives write extensions. it was buried in some code in the forbidden area challenge,
By:cp77fk4r, Date:12/11/2008
Nope, in the near future ill make a page that include all of the eggs in the site.
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