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More easter egg!

We've added more easter-egg in our shell-board!

try to find it :)

Tomorrow i will celebrate a b-day! :) [it's cp77fk4r]

By:cp77fk4r, Date:10/11/2008
god bless me!
By:320mb, Date:10/11/2008
Happy B-day, mine was Nov 2.....
By:T4uSBaZ, Date:10/11/2008
happy birthday !!!! : » how old will you be?
By:cp77fk4r, Date:12/11/2008
Im 21 old :) thnkx!
By:tomer321, Date:12/11/2008
happy birthday cp btw found the easter egg
By:zEt0s-, Date:12/11/2008
Congatulations! :)
By:cp77fk4r, Date:13/11/2008
thnkx :) and tomer - good work! meanwhile its just me and you in the list ;»
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