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TryThis0ne Progress

Hi, it has been a week since we are on the web and there are serval things we have reached that we would like
to mention:

1.We have passed the 2000 logins!
2.We have more then 250 registerd accounts on our site! w00t w00t!

We also want to mention the new challenges that we are adding today:


Level name: TT0 chat.
Creator: B~HFH.
Category: Realistic.
Score: 80.


Level name: Chumbeciztans Interior Ministry.
Creator: cp77fk4r.
Category: Realistic.
Score: 50.


Level name: PcArt.
Creator: Codingr.
Category: Realistic.
Score: 65.


Level name: WithStyle.
Creator: SBD.
Category: Web-challenges.
Score: 40.


Level name: Zip Me If You Can.
Creator: B~HFH & cp77fk4r.
Category: Application.
Score: 40.


Level name: Flash back.
Creator: bad.
Category: others.
Score: 15.

G0oD luCK w1TH Th3 N3w ch4LLeN6es!
More levels are coming soon , stay tuned :)

We hope that you will enjoy it! ,
=[TryThis0ne TeaM]=

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