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We joined to!

Wechall is a site that gathering data
from many challanges site in purpose to
make a global ranking dbase for the challengers.

If you want that your score will appear in
their calculation you just need to make
there an account, and then link your local
account to your account there.
[In Wechall site: Account=>Link Another Site].

-The Auto update is available, so you don't
need to update your details manually after
you finish a challange.

Enter now:

have a hack day.
~TT0 TeaM.

By:cp77fk4r, Date:13/2/2009
I hope that everything will work properly :)
By:K32.nix, Date:13/2/2009
I would ask you to join it! ^^ It will be good to TT0 project! ;»
By:Rotem_, Date:13/2/2009
By:zEt0s-, Date:19/2/2009
this site is working there but the TTH one doesn damn \
By:Hertz__, Date:21/2/2009
The greatest thing that you could have done.Thanks.Congrats!
By:cp77fk4r, Date:26/2/2009
zEt0s- open your eyes, you need to accept the Wechall thing in your HTS profile!
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