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Another l3v3l!

Another l3v3l! :)

Level name: P0wW0w Revenge.
Creator: cp77fk4r
Category: Realistic.
Score: 45.


By:zEt0s-, Date:12/4/2009
Very sophisticated one. btw-fxp kiddos? lmfo :D
By:Hertz__, Date:12/4/2009
There is no other way of passing it except guessing?I tryed more then 60 directories and files but without luck.At least give us some hints like,it is only a file(like x.php),it uses leet language..
By:cp77fk4r, Date:13/4/2009
zEt0s- :P Hertz-you don't need any guessing in this one, just pure hacking!
By:l3D, Date:13/4/2009
This level is too close to the reality (at least for me) :)
By:cp77fk4r, Date:13/4/2009
This level is real- you got a real error..
By:Garfield, Date:21/4/2009
Very realistic one!
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