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Network and Computer Security. Michael Crowley, Kevin Slate, Fred Kass. EN 2443
Neat tricks with iptables John Wiegley EN 1936
Myth-Busting Buffer Overflows. Jeremiah Grossman. EN 2053
Myth-Busting AJAX «In»security. Jeremiah Grossman. EN 2108
MX Injection : Capturing and Exploiting Hidden Mail Servers. Vicente Aguilera Diaz. EN 2566
MRTG for Intrusion Detection with IIS 6 Mark Burnett EN 1777
Manipulating FTP Clients. Mark@bindshell EN 1886
Malware Analysis for Administrators S. G. Masood EN 1889
Malicious cryptography Frederic Raynal EN 1981
Log File Lowdown. Michael Calore. EN 1902
Lock Picking TOOOL EN 1826
Linux Slab Allocator BOF Vulnerabilities Ramon de Carvalho EN 1841
Linux Firewall-related /proc Entries Brian Hatch EN 2052
Learn Python with an AI-Based virtual mentor AV EN 121
LDAP Injection Spidynamics EN 1907
Know your Enemy: Tracking Botnets Paul Bacher & Thorsten Holz EN 1820
Kernel Function Hijacking Silvio Cesare EN 1819
JavaScript Hijacking. Brian Chess, Yekaterina Tsipenyuk O'Neil & Jacob West. EN downloads/public&... 1949
iTK98s Nymph Challenge iTK98 EN 1906
IPv6 Security. Eric Marin. EN 2123

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