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Article name: Help for the PsyBlogs level (wrote by cp77fk4r).
-::Psyblogs::- by cp77fk4r
Ok, in this challenge we need to hack to the admin panel and delete some blog from the blog list. as we can understand from Joe, there is no database in this system, the system generatin some text file in the /Passwords/ directory and store there the user login details. Let check out the details: file name: Sm9l.txt Login,1; [means user rights or something..] %U%Joe; [username] %P%MyNameIsJoe; [password] eof; [end of file..] As it seems, we just need to understand what is the connection between the name of the file that the system generate «Sm9l» and the user or the password... . . . . After we understand that, we can see the admin login details, so we try to login to the admin account and.. we got an error that tell us that "This user is already logged in" - so we need to wait untill he logged out, and he will not. so... we need to logging him out! how we can do that? Hint: try to look at the source of the Logout page!
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