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Article name: Help for the TT0 CrackMe 1 level (wrote by zEt0s-).
0x01 - Introduction

I recommend you guys to use PEID in order to get info about the CrackMe
file (always use it, not just here in tt0).
After youll do so, youll see that its "Microsoft Visual C# / Basic .NET".
Now, as far as we know, we have to see the source code in order to crack
this crackme, so we have to disassemble it, but Olly isn't the answer here,
because its a .Net program.
So use google in order to find the program that will help ya.

0x02 - The Real FUN!

After you find it and you load the CrackMe.exe, you will find lotz of things..
but we need to know what happens in the Main form (the one with the buttons
and TextBoxes). After you see the code..well..its not that hard.
Search for the interesting info..not all of the dummy functions.
Look what is your target, and you are done!

P.S : You don't have to follow the strings and the can download
a .Net compailer, compile the code, and see the results.

0x03 - The End

After you get the password, go to the submit score section, search the level name,
click on it, enter the password you got..and.. Whoopi-Dhope! your score have just
increased with some 70 points!
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